Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Little Mazarn


Amid the excitement of this week with terrorist attacks and the rare and beautiful snowstorm that blanketed Austin Texas (my home) in peace and beauty for several hours, I quietly had what I know now was a small seizure. I was at home alone, I’m not injured and am getting medical care so don’t fret. In the strange restful dream state that followed, I wrote and recorded this song and I’m just going to release it without much ado, as a testament to the resilience and fuck it ness of this time.

- Lindsey
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Ralph White and Little Mazarn

Ralph White and Little Mazarn

Ralph White and Little Mazarn are friends that live in Austin, Texas. Both have their own unique ways of seeing the world. This is a little collection of songs they enjoy playing, recorded live and unrehearsed. The sound is raw and howly.
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