'...quiet and raw and atmospheric and recalls anything from the psychedelic folk of the late ’60s and early ’70s to the freak folk movement of the mid 2000s to current-day folk like Jessica Pratt and Julie Byrne.' -Brooklyn Vegan

'This music, for all its simplicity, makes the heart move, and if you’re in the mood to yearn, (Little Mazarn) has got you covered.' -Tiny Mix Tapes

'A dreamy pop that would have fit in nicely with the slowcore of the late 90s and early 00s' -ALT Dialogue

'What you think of Little Mazarn will depend, largely, on how you view loneliness, from the banjo echoing, a bell unanswered, to the plaintive singing or the spare accompaniment here and there. This is the music Sam Beam or Damien Jurado make when they’re sad-drunk and alone. -Swordfish

'Floating by like half-remembered dreams, these tunes bear an aural texture akin to a long walk on a moonlit coast.' -Austin Monthly 

'A loving nod to the purity of true Americana music, unimpeded by gimmicks or irony.  It is an act of love and of intimacy that we are privileged to witness.'Pop Matters

'Little Mazarn's eponymous EP last December captured the quiet, personal pull of Verrill's songwriting, opening meditative expanses in the patient space between her banjo and Johnston's saw. - Doug Freeman,The Austin Chronicle

'Between her talents as a cellist, banjoist, bassist and vocalist, Austin’s Lindsey Verrill AKA Little Mazarn is a powerhouse of atmospheric folk songwriting. Since receiving her banjo at the tender age of fourteen, Verrill has been building up her instrumental and vocal skills alongside her repertoire and ever maturing world view.' -KUTX

'One of my final, favorite discoveries of 2017 was Austin folk artist Lindsey Verrill, who – not unlike our own Katie Crutchfield (i.e. Waxahatchee) takes her stage name from an obscure southern waterway – in this case, a creek on the outskirts of Hot Springs, Arkansas. In mid-December, as the gears of the record industry ground down for their annual seasonal lull, she snuck out her softly transcendent self-titled debut, a spare, haunting five-song set that lasts a mere half an hour yet feels divorced from time entirely.' - WXPN 88.5

"Even my super jaded friend that hates everything and everyone kind of likes y'all' - Ralph White